Morning After 2

What happened this week? Well the mobile money tax was slashed to 0.5% from 1%. With our leaders saying that the 1% tax on mobile money was passed in error. But you didn’t come here for that…’re here for more of Diana’s drama continued from Monday’s post. Well, enjoy

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Morning After 1

As we grapple with our new reality with the dawn of the social media and mobile money taxes, I am reminded of a past time when things were…less hard. I wrote this during that time. Enjoy this throw back post.

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First Term: March
This is not it. This cannot be it. It’s not what is written in all those novels. The Mills and boon and all those other novels with the half-naked couples on them.  Am I not supposed to be tingling all over?  Or as the books say, ‘….in places that she didn’t even know existed…’
The books’ heroines spoke of a release like none they had never felt before, yet all i feel is pain and shame
And I’m sure it’s supposed to last more than just one minute.
This is very disappointing and embarrassing. I should probably get dressed before anyone walks in…..

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