My Thoughts on Love

I don’t know why this prompt didn’t fall on the purported day of love but henewe, let me tell you all about luuuuuuuurve. And its not this poem I wrote a while back.
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My Worst Habits

Hey blogosphere,
I have been procrastinating writing this post. Well, I have been a bit busy the past couple of days but that is not much of an excuse.
Today, which is Day 22 of this challenge, I’m supposed to write about my worst habits…So here’s the dirt on Mable Amuron
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My Ten Favorite Blogs

Just ten! Are you kidding! I think I’m going to break the rules on this one and list more than ten and of course the reason why I like each one of them. Please feel free to click on the links and experience the awesomeness of these blogs and the amazing people behind them.


In no particular order of preference, my favorite blogs are;

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3 Healthy Habits.

For those following, you’ll notice that I skipped day 13. I’d like to say its because its unlucky number 13, but nah, it’s because January blues hit my fridge really hard and its now just recovering.
Now! Cue card says I’m supposed to list 3 healthy habits. I don’t know if it’s 3 healthy habits that I do, or 3 healthy habits that I recommend.
But I’ll go with the 3 I do do. (Do not laugh at the ridiculousness of do do!)

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