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Hello peeps, a cheery May to you!

Okay so I wasn’t exactly tagged for this but a frowny emoji on Karen’s post had her (technically) nominating me in the comment section. She’s a rule breaker, that one and now here I am breaking rules too.
She’s also one of the coolest people I have the pleasure of knowing. She’s so cool she makes ice look hot.
Check out her blog to experience some of this coolness. WunoKaren

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One Cold Evening

He stands at the taxi stage, hands in his pockets.
Looking at nothing in particular
The taxi touts seem to have given up on him.
Oyo alabika ali kubibye, they must be thinking
So they scramble for the other passengers, leaving him be
He seems to be deep in thought.
I wonder what he’s thinking about
Is he trying to solve the equation that is life?
Is he thinking about his bad day at the office?
Does he work at an office?
Maybe he could be wondering whether his rolex guy is still at his mudaala.

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Ekyi Love?

The impossible has happened
I’ve fallen in love!
Bring out the confetti
Let the fanfare begin
How about those vuvuzelas?
Blow them till your chests hurt
Even those firimbis
Blow them till your cheeks hurt.
Why, you ask?
I am in love
Heck, Trump can now be president
But it looks like he’ll lead, nay rule the free world
That would be a travesty, like seriously
But I do not care!
I’m in love
Hehe, seems like the impossible is happening all round
People! I’m in love!
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Lost Marbles?

He said I lost all my marbles
I started to cry,
Really weep
As I remembered the marbles I owned as a tot.
I wondered how he knew
Perhaps he was a clairvoyant.
No, he definitely was a psychic
Oh, but those marbles
Red, white, blue and yellow, they were.
Their colours reminded me of Superman
Or rather Supergirl -because, feminism (duh!)
oh my marbles.
One by one they disappeared…
Lost forever in the dusty meadows of Soroti

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My Rose

Dear Rose

I won’t ask how you are doing, I mean, I really don’t need to.
It’s been what, 11 years, since we last spoke? Back then, with all the hope and naivety that comes with being young, I thought the world wouldn’t let me down. Though I guess it had let me down long before you up and left. Big lesson in life that was, learning that the world doesn’t owe me anything, considering it was here first.
However, I thought you wouldn’t let me down. I mean, out of all the people in the world…

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He won’t let me leave

Maybe I shouldn’t, maybe I should.
I know I must and yet I mustn’t
For my own sanity, for my own sake.
I know I must, but then I won’t?
A step forward, no more behind.
Maybe he’ll come for me.
When I finally get the courage to leave his house.
Do I want that?
I’m not so sure…
Maybe he won’t though
Oh but he’s charming, the little voice whispers.
This little voice I’ve grown to loathe.
Yet it’s apart of my very being.
SHUT IT, my inner aggressive speaks.
But I have to admit, he is charming.
He’ll hold my hand and whisper of days of old.

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