Guest Poets and Love!

This is Tomukudza. He is a lawyer from Zimbabwe…… Tomukudza is also a poet.
For some reason everytime I read this poem, I’m reminded of Shakespeare’s Sonnets. He talks about what love is in this poem.


O love is this you this happiness that is contagious
This happiness and warmth that make others envious
O love is this you that makes one of two strangers
That unites even the most unlikely of partners
Could it be you that draws those tears
Wrecking a path of misery and havoc in your wake
A trail marked by painful scars
A litany of memories which many can not take
Out of the closest of people breeding enemies
Even your very existence becomes a dispute
And there you pop up birthing pomp and funfair
In your name are grandiose gatherings and flair
O love what art though that draweth tears
Thou that also draweth happiness


Follow @tomlaz23 for more of this fascinating poetry and equally fascinating person! 😅


Author: Mable Amuron

Totally African. Simple, Complex. Shy. Wannabe Writer. Reading Junkie. Cynical Optimist. Christ Representer

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