I Am A Timothy

I Am Timothy
Allow me to clarify
While still reiterating
That I am a Timothy

My name is not Timothy
Eeeeh……its Amuron
And I am clearly not male
Yet I boldly declare
That I, Amuron, am a Timothy
How, you ask?
I am precious to God
I am young and therefore have been despised for my youth
I have a Paul
A spiritual father who I look up to
And who constantly guides me
In a world that tells me
Right is wrong and wrong is right
I choose to do right
On my own I can’t
I lean on God to lead my on a righteous path
I am not my own
I belong to my father
In heaven
I choose daily
To uphold the truth
That is Christ
My primary concern is that gospel be heard
I want to live right. To be an example to my peers in my speech, conduct, faithfulness and love
I am Timothy because I am all these things.

So what about,you?
Are you a Timothy


Author: Mable Amuron

Totally African. Simple, Complex. Shy. Wannabe Writer. Reading Junkie. Cynical Optimist. Christ Representer

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