Love-Letters 15 (Verse II)

I could not resist jumping in on this one.. Sharon’s Fifteenth Love Letter
I hope I do it justice

She rocks in the chair
Day and night
Staring out into nothing
A half smile on her face
The permanent half smile
She looks creepy now
She who used glow
Brighter than a pregnant woman
She’s pale and dead
She who was confidence
And beauty personified.
She stares off into a distance
Hoping that he’d show up
That he’d come back
And I…
I can’t reach her
She’s lost to me
My love
Because of him
She’s dead
And I am broken



Author: Mable Amuron

Totally African. Simple, Complex. Shy. Wannabe Writer. Reading Junkie. Cynical Optimist. Christ Representer

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