Favorite Movie!

Yiiii but these people also! I don’t have just one favorite movie.
There are a number of movies that I would gladly re-watch.
So here goes!
1. Tangled
I have been very vocal about my disdain for fairy tale stories and how the princess always needs saving by some galant, handsome and inevitably boring prince. But tangled was a wonderful and welcome change because, yes she was a princess but he wasn’t a prince, he was a thief (I see what you did there Disney, you played to a good girl’s need to change a bad boy.) And she saved him in the end, after he saved her from the evil witch by cutting off her hair, but still SHE SAVED HIM! It was hilarious of course and the songs are still stuck in my head a few days later. (I confess, I watch it a lot)


2. August Rush
August Rush is about a boy going on a journey to find his parents. He has a strong belief that he’ll find them just as long as he plays his music. He believes that they’ll hear him. The movie is about musicians and how music connects us all. Plus with a score by the maestro himself, Hans Zimmer, who has written music for phenomenal movies like Interstellar, Inception, the dark Knight trilogy and the Lion King….. how can one not enjoy this movie
I don’t know if it was the music, or the kid’s optimism, or the happy ending. But I loved this movie.


3. Risen
The song that comes to mind is;
Risen, He’s Risen, forever glorified
Risen, He’s Risen King Jesus
King Jesus is Alive!
Risen is about a Roman centurion who witnesses the miracle that is Jesus’ Resurrection and His Ascension
The reason I loved Risen so much is the fact that it depicted the disciples as very human.
The one scene where one of the disciples is practicing what to say when he goes out to preach is my favorite!


4. This is a new entry; Hacksaw Ridge.
I’m not a person who loves war movies but Hacksaw Ridge is so wonderfully filmed that I wanted to become a conscientious objector. And that its a true story just makes it even more powerful and just precious. Mel Gibson is back y’all!


5. Deadpool.
Oh you wise cracking, fourth wall breaking awesome anti-hero you!
I loved deadpool so much because it was hilarious and it mocked all the superhero tropes that we’ve been force-fed all these years. Like the over-used revenge story, the super hero landing, the speeches about what being a hero means. I mean the guy is just awesome!
I’d say Captain Deadpool is bae but I hate that word so…..nope!


Meanwhile, happening now, UgBlogWeek! The theme is chain stories…and I am going to wait and see which story I can jump in on. It’s going to be kinda like the Ntinda Series..
Day 19 of the 30 day blogging challenge, 11 days to go.
I have loved this challenge.


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