Morning After [3]

Back by popular demand…… the rest of the words to this eminem song, I do not get, it’s like he eats the words, seriously!…..hehe, anyhow….On this here Saturday morning, Di’s story continues…if you haven’t read part one and part two, you will be totally  lost.

May is pregnant….May is pregnant, it’s mine….it’s mine….I’m sorry…. May is pregnant…I’m sorry, it’s mine….May is pregnant
The words keep playing in my head. Over and over again. I’m devastated, I’m mad, I feel betrayed. Oh and I’m back in the bathroom, seated on the toilet, hands on my ears, trying to drown out Zack’s voice which is currently outside my bathroom door. And unfortunately inside my head,  I mean the guy is every where.
I think I may need to call the carpenter dude though, Zack is definitely going to break down my door.
But I can’t face the bastard. I would kill him. I would drive a knife through his chiseled chest and watch the blood pool on his shirt. I would feel satisfied. I would enjoy it. I would-
Thou shalt not kill conscience that speaks in Bible lingo these days makes an appearance.
Oh but Lord, what can I do to appease the need for revenge that is burning in my chest right now.
Thou shalt not kill
Okay, a slap at least, one little slap that will leave marks on his ugly (really not ugly) face.

He stops pounding on the door. Heh! Atleast I won’t have to call the carpenter. Silver linings and all.
“Diana, please, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean for it to happen. But, damn it! You broke up with me!”
He sounds frustrated. The idiot actually has the gull to sound frustrated. What does he have to be frustrated about? Hmm? Oh Right, he’s going to have a kid with my sister… MY SISTER!!!
“I’m so sorry, but what was I to do? Di I’m sorry! But you broke up with me! I was hurt, she was there, daaaaaaaaaamn Di! You broke up with me!”
That got me… I have to set this, this nincompoop straight.
I open the door and his eyes flash with hope for a split second. But I think the thunderous expression on my face kills his hope. Maaaan, my heart is pumping so much I can barely breath. This anger, no, not anger, rage…. I’d only read about it before but now…
“Idiot! What were you to do? You ask? How about keeping it in your pants? Hmm? How about that? Or is that too much to ask!? No wait, how about sticking it in anyone else but my sister, my freaking sister, Isaac! What the hell is wrong with you!?” I rage.
His face is contrite. The words out of his mouth are bound to be contrite but I don’t want to hear them. I lose all the steam I had. I can’t deal with him anymore.
“Get out of my house, Zack,” I say resignedly. All fight has left me.
The silence is heavy and thick with tension. He looks at me, pleading.
“Di, please…?” He says, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to, I didn’t plan for it. I don’t love her. It was a mistake, I’m sorry, Diana please.”
I look at him incredulously.
What did this idiot just say?!
I’m about to speak when Man of sorrows starts to play. My phone’s ringtone. I can’t deal with anyone right now but most of all I can’t deal with him.
“Leave Zack,” I say.
He looks at me, pleading. But I think he sees the resolve on my face. And he turns to leave, FINALLY!
I walk away in search of my phone.

I find my phone on the vanity table, without looking to see who is calling, I just press the yes button.
“Hello? Di?”

Because I can’t catch a break…. May. She’s calling again. I hang up the first time. I couldn’t speak to her. The front door bangs and I hope that that’s Zack.
But what to do with May, now, what to do with this traitor. This bitch that slept with my Zack, what to do, what to do?

“I’m sorry but pastor Okafor is not available at the moment, he’s in prayer, could you please wait for a few minutes, ” says this annoying- wait, not annoying but blessed- sister who also happens to be pastor Okafor’s assistant. Her voice is so nasal though.
This is definitely not my day. Nothing is going right.
I had to switch off my phone, May, the traitor, keeps calling me. Maybe Zack told her that I finally know their little secret. Fu-crap! I can’t cuss in a holy place of worship.
I can’t even think straight. And the beginnings of a headache- aaargh! Just great! (Note my sarcasm)
I sit in contemplative silence. Thinking of all the different ways I could and will kill Zack and May. And silencing my conscience. Its thees and thous are starting to grate my mind.
Sorry Lord, I love you God.

I’m still fuming at this idiot of a guy. This sorry excuse of a man. I’ve already killed him in my mind a thousand times. Him and my whore of a sister. He had the gall to tell me after we had spent the night together. Temporary insanity, I plead temporary insanity on my part.

Waaaaaaait a minute!
Wait did we….?
We didn’t……
Oh nooo! No no no!
Oh damn!
Oh crap, crap, crap, crap!

This is a disaster. My head is now full on hurting.
“Sister, Pastor Okafor will see you now,” sister nasal voice says, shocking me out of my freak-out.
I’m stumped. I want to go and seek the counsel of this man of God, at the same time I want to run to the clinic and get tested and also get the morning after pill.
How could you be soo dumb Di!
See I’ve just now realized, I slept with the bastard without protection.
Argh! Definitely not my day


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